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Movies About Princess Diana

People around the world loved Princess Diana and several television movies were made about the life of the princess. The movies made before her death focus on her life, relationship with Prince Charles and the ensuing scandals. The television movies and biopics produced after her death range from overviews of Princess Diana's life to conspiracy videos about the untimely death of Princess Diana.

"The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana" premiered on television in 1982. This movie about Princess Diana depicts the couple's early years together. Princess Diana is played by Catherine Oxenberg and Prince Charles by Christopher Baines.

The Lifetime movie The Murder of Princess Diana" starring Jennifer Morrison, is a movie depiction of the events that surrounded the tragic death of the princess, her companion Dodi Fayed and chauffeur Henri Paul. In the movie, "Rachel," a reporter investigates the death of the princess with the help of her police officer ex-boyfriend to uncover a conspiracy.

This movie first aired on Lifetime in 2007.

"The Queen", a 2006 film starring Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II is a fictional account of the "behind closed doors" events after Princess Diana's death. In the movie, The Queen and the royal family decide to stay out of the media's sight, behind the walls of Balmoral Castle.

"Princess Diana: The Uncrowned Queen"

This 2001 documentary focuses on Diana's life after becoming a princess. From her fairy tale wedding to her tragic death, this biography highlights how Diana sprang back from her highly publicized divorce to becoming a leader in social causes and charity. The DVD contains clips of interviews with young Prince William and Prince Harry.

There are tons of other television movies and biographies about the life of Princess Diana on DVD. In early 2011, there were two Princess Diana movies in production. One movie, based on the controversial book "Diana: Closeley Guarded Secret" by Diana's bodyguard will reportedly star Charlize Theron and Ewan McGregor. The other film will star Keira Knightley as the princess.


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