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Movie toys. Worth it or waste of money?


Lets put a smile on a kids face!

We've all done it.  We've all gone to your nearest fast food restaurant to get a kids meal that comes with a toy from this summer's blockbuster movies.

The question is, is it worth the trouble?

Some movies you know are going to make sequels making the toys have second and sometimes third lives.  Some however are a gamble.  When the movie runs its course and after the initial wave of interest after the dvd release, some toys become dust collecters.  With the current state of the economy, collectibles aren't going for what they used to, making collecting these toys a risky proposition.  Resale value has plummeted over the last year.  Current values can be found here

The Bottom line is if you want it get it.  If you have dollar signs in your head doing it for the resale value, beware.  Kids play with these toys only for a short while, directly related to the next big movie premiere.

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  • cindy 5 years ago

    i agree but most real collecters do not allow these toys to be played with and keep them in there original packaging.mosyly they are trophies.