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Movie theater shooting update: Man texting daughter shot to death by retired cop

The movie theater shooting that left one man dead, his wife wounded and a retired Tampa police captain arrested for the shooting is detailed today by another movie patron today. Chad and Nicole Oulson were at a matinee showing of “Lone Survivor” and during the previews Chad was texting his daughter. This apparently disturbed the 71-year-old man sitting behind him and this escalated into Oulson being shot to death, according to CNN News on Jan. 14.

Theater shooting leaves husband dead, wife injured and retired cop arrested as the shooter in Florida.
Photo from Chad Oulson Facebook

Charlie Cummings and his son were just two seats away from the confrontation that ended a man’s life in this Wesley Chapel, Florida theater. He said the man now identified as Curtis Reeves, who is a retired cop, asked Chad Oulson to stop texting in the theater. Oulson was reportedly texting his daughter during the movie previews before the actual movie started. The two argued several times before Reeves got up and left the theater.

Cummings said that Reeves “came back very irritated.” This is when Chad Oulson asked Reeves if he had "gone to tell on him about the texting.” He then told Reeves that he was only sending his young daughter a message.

It was at this point that things escalated quickly, according to Cummings. This is when voices were raised and popcorn was thrown. Then the confrontation jumped to a deadly mode when Reeves pulled out a gun and shot Chad Oulson in the chest.

Oulson staggered toward Reeves and fell into him. The 43-year-old man was fatally shot and his wife was wounded. Nicole Oulson had put her hand out in front of the gun trying to protect her husband from the bullet about to hit him square in the chest. She was shot in the hand.

After Reeves shot Oulson, he calmly sat back down and put the gun in his lap and waited for what he apparently knew was about to happen. There was an off-duty cop in the theater and he took custody of the gun and stayed with Reeves until the police arrived.

It just so happened two nurses were also at the theater and they rushed to Chad Oulson’s side and administered CPR until the emergency responders arrived. The husband and wife were airlifted to a Tampa hospital where Chad Oulson died and his wife, whose injuries were reported as “non-life threatening,” is being treated.

Very little has been said about Reeve’s wife and what she was doing during the altercation between her husband and Oulson. She was with her husband at the theater, according to Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco.

Reeves was a captain with the Tampa Police Department until his retirement in 1993. He then went to Busch Gardens as director of security until 2005. What happened to have this veteran cop kill a family man in a movie theater over cell phone texting?

As you can see by the picture above, Chad and Nicole Oulson don't at all resemble thugs. They don't appear as people that have the looks of people that might be considered threatening. Something must have gone very wrong with this retired police captain to kill an unarmed man who was at the movies with his wife.

Ironically on the Cob Theater’s website a list of prohibited items is posted. According to CNN, this includes “No cell phone use, including texting,” and no weapons allowed.

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