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Movie theater shooting over texting: Retired cop arrested in fatal shooting

A man is dead and his wife is wounded after they were shot in a Florida theater during an afternoon matinee of the movie “Lone Survivor.” Chad and Nicole Olsen were texting during the previews and asked by another movie patron to stop. When they failed to oblige the request a fatal shooting took place, according to ABC News on Jan. 14.

Florida theater shooting over text messages leaves one man dead and his wife injured.
Getty Images

Curtis Reeves, 71, a retired police captain, asked the young couple several times to stop their text messaging as they were making noise. Reeves then got up and left his seat and when he returned Chad Olsen asked if he reported them to the movie manager.

An argument ensued and Reeves pulled out his .380 and shoot Chad Olsen in the chest. Nicole Olsen, trying to block the bullet from hitting her husband, put her hand out and she was shot.

An off-duty cop was in the theater at the time and he got the gun away from Reeves and subdued him until police arrived. Two nurses who were also in the theater to see the matinee jumped into action administering CPR until emergency responders arrived.

Both husband and wife were airlifted to Tampa General Hospital where Chad Olsen died and his wife Nicole is being treated. The shooting happened at the Cobb Grove 16 Theater in Wesley Chapel, Florida, which is outside of Tampa.

There were about 25 people in the theater when this fatal shooting happened. Reeves was charged with second degree homicide. Police do not believe that Reeves and the Olsen couple did not know each other.

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