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Movie success pendulum moving toward family-friendly, redemptive films

Redemptive movies are increasingly popular and successful

The movie, success pendulum is moving more toward family-friendly, redemptive movies in theaters. Some of the most popular and successful movies in theaters in 2013 and 2014 have been family-friendly and redemptive. See IMDb by year to view what movies have been most popular. In 2013, the most popular on IMDB has been the family, animated movie, Frozen . Other successful, family-friendly and/or redemptive movies in theaters in 2013 have included the following: The Hobbit, Gravity, Saving Mr. Banks, Captain Phillips and more. Other popular, successful movies in these categories in 2014 have been the following: The Lego Movie , Muppets, The Monuments Men, God's Not Dead, Son of God and more.

The movie industry is expected to release at least 16 faith-based and and/or biblically-related movies for theaters in 2014. The financial risk for the filmmakers has been tested in 2004 with The Passion of the Christ. Mel Gibson's grossed more than $1 billion dollars worldwide. Gibson had an active marketing campaign in Protestant and especially in large, evangelical churches before the release of The Passion of the Christ. This has become a marketing model for other faith-based movies, such as The Son of God and God's Not Dead. If a film has an engaging story, multi-dimensional characters, unexpected twists and turns, as well as artistic vision, good cinematography, and redemptive themes; it can prove financially successful as well as engaging, entertaining, and enlightening as it appeals to the eyes, minds, and souls of audiences.

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