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Movie described as 'Fargo on the moon' said to be in development

Future astronauts on the moon
Future astronauts on the moon
NASA (public domain)

Some film industry journals have been buzzing about a spec script called “Moonfall” written by actor David Weil. A Thursday story in Slashfilm describes it as a kind of “Fargo” thriller set on the moon. David Aronofsky, the director of such films as “Noah” and “Black Swan” is said to be interested.

The Wrap adds that Hollywood seems to have a number of moon based projects in development. There is no current word of what some of those lunar films might be. A few years ago Doug Liman was said to be interested in an unnamed moon project that involved a group of former space employees who beg, borrow, and steal equipment to return to the moon in order to access a “new energy source.”

The lunar surface is a repository of an isotope called Helium 3 that could be used in future fusion reactors. Homer Hickam’s novel “Back to the Moon,” which was once optioned for a movie, had a similar plot. The SyFy channel at one time was developing a film or miniseries called “High Moon” based in the John Christopher novel “The Lotus Caves” set on a future lunar colony. Tom Hanks, a space enthusiast who starred in “Apollo 13” has a project based on the 1970s era astronaut action figure Major Matt Mason which might be set on the moon.

The idea that Hollywood is interested in developing projects set on the moon is fraught with irony. People have not been on the moon since 1972, when Richard Nixon was president. Barack Obama, a president who is still very popular in Tinseltown if nowhere else, cancelled the last return to the moon effort. However China, Russia, and a number of private companies all have back to the moon projects working.

The main takeaway, if the rumors have any accuracy, is that there is a race to the moon after all. It just so happens to be a make believe one, with CGI substituting for actual rockets and actors for astronauts. Then again the real moon race did start with movies like “Destination Moon.” Who is to say that things have not gone full circle?