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MOVIE REVIEW: Tap into your own inner demon with INNER DEMONS

Lara Vosburgh as "Carson"
Lara Vosburgh as "Carson"
Schorr Productions

Making it’s world premiere at Los Angeles Film Festival 2014 as part of LA Muse category celebrating the fabric of Los Angeles is what will undoubtedly become a staple in the horror genre and on the horror fest circuit - INNER DEMONS.

Director Seth Grossman, working with a script by Glenn Gers, explores the world of intervention reality tv with a horror tinged mash-up of topical issues of insanity, drug addiction and, of course, demonic possession. Calling on his own background as director of eight episodes of the Emmy-winning “Intervention”, with INNER DEMONS, Grossman effectively and creatively uses the reality show format as the narrative structure, while focusing more on psychological horror as opposed to hack and slash. Making INNER DEMONS distinctive, Grossman goes beyond the typical reality formula by blurring the lines between a film crew’s observation of the subjects and involvement in the familial relationships and dynamics.

Carson is a straight-A student in a devoutly religious family. Unfortunately, she has become addicted turns to heroin and her parents, in an effort to “cure” her, agree to allow a reality tv crew to film a familial intervention and Carson’s recovery. Escaping the notice of all but Jason, one of the tv crew members, Carson has turned to drugs as a means to deal with what she believes is an evil inside her. Agreeing to enter rehab and go “cold turkey”, although drug free, the demonic presence within Carson becomes stronger. While great for the tv show rating, it’s not great for Carson, or for Jason, who is the one person who sees the truth beyond.

With INNER DEMONS, relative newcomer Lara Vosburgh delivers a captivating and commanding performance while Morgan McClellan’s Jason provides a sensitivity and grounding, serving as another lens for the audience. Judicious use of visual effects fuel the psychological complexities of characters and the fear and horror that is exposed while some true scare moments are balanced with a “pushing the envelope” satiric extreme of found footage and reality tv.

With enough moments to scare the bejeebus out of you, INNER DEMONS is a welcome addition to the lo budget/no budget genre.

Directed by Seth Grossman
Written by Glenn Gers
Cast: Lara Vosburgh, Morgan McClellan, Colleen McGrann, Christopher Parker, Brian Flaherty, Kate Whitney, Richard Wilkenson, John Cragan, Susan Ateh, Ashley Sutton

(Los Angeles Film Festival 2014 review)

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