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Movie Review: Neighbors

Today, May 9, 2014, the new movie 'Neighbors' appears in movie theaters nationwide in the United States. Nicholas Stoller, writer of 'Fun with Dick and Jane' and 'Yes Man' fame, directs the movie. 'Neighbors' stars Zach Efron and Seth Rogen plus Australian-born Rose Byrne plays Rogen's wife in the film. Dave Franco, younger brother to actor James Franco, also plays a supporting role to Efron.

Zach Efron and Seth Rogen star in the new movie Neighbors.
Zach Efron and Seth Rogen star in the new movie Neighbors.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Seeing the movie earlier this week, 'Neighbors' had only a few strong laughs from the crowd, and those were from scenes, which appeared in prior public previews. Although there were funny moments at different times during the film, it met with mild laughs throughout. It is not a movie I could recommend, however if you're a strong Seth Rogen or Zach Efron fan, then see a matinee and save your money. 'Neighbors' appears to be a movie by adults trying to excuse their boring, sexless lives. Rogen does a superb job, however this movie does not play his strengths.

Mac and Kelly Radner, played by Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne respectively, have taken the step of home ownership with a newborn baby. They soon discover the home next door is for sale and though they were excited to think a gay couple with a baby was going to move in, a U-Haul van shows up one day with a large number of fraternity brothers. The house next door becomes a rowdy frat house, which disturbs the Radner's pace of their boring life. Mac and Kelly introduce themselves, in the lamest of ways, to Teddy Sanders (Zach Efron), the frat's president and Pete (Dave Franco), the frat's vice-president. The contrast of old and young is thrown in the audience faces constantly throughout the film, and not in a fun way. Most of the bits were old and tired, like Rogen's character Mac constantly comparing his fat body to Efron's fit body.

The only two people worth watching were Seth Rogen and Dave Franco. If you are into viewing guys with less than 12% body fat, then Zach Efron will offer you some eye candy as he shows quite a bit of skin. Dave Franco's impersonation of Robert De Niro's 'Meet the Fockers' character, Jack Byrnes was amazingly good. Besides the airbag scenes, which had already been seen in previews, Franco's performance was the second best aspect of the film.