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Movie Review: God's Not Dead!

Commentary written by fellow columnist Bettse Folsom.


Only one seat left.

The long awaited film, God's Not Dead, was released in several theaters Friday, March 21st including the Cinemark Theatre, 5500 Antioch Rd., Mission, KS.

The film centers primarily around a university campus environment. An arrogant philosophy professor, Professor Radisson (Kevin Sorbo), had some painful experiences as a child. He has not only turned his back on God, but is determined to use his threatening authority as an instructor to manipulate his students to sign a declaration, "God is Dead" or face failure.

One student, Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper), is unable to write something he definitely does not believe and ends up challenged by Professor Radisson to prove the antithesis of the statement, "God is Dead." Unfortunately, for the professor, the challenge is not only met scientifically but mirrored with the student's return challenge, "Why do you hate God?"

Among the centralized plot line are several other subplots focusing on other challenging aspects to Christians: a Chinese exchange student (Paul Kwo) questioning Wheaton's fervent devotion and stand and the possibility that not only God but Jesus exists; a Muslim (Marco Khan) and his relationship with this daughter (Hadeel Sittu) who has converted to Christianity; and a young Christian woman (Cory Oliver) and her personal dilemma with her atheist boyfriend.

Other subplots focus on a young reporter (Trisha LaFache) whose vicious attack of Christians, namely Willie and Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty, gets surprising news from other than her corporate headhunter boyfriend (Dean Cain).

The film concludes in an extremely surprising, yet realistic, finale with most of the characters congregating at a Newsboys concert with lively music proclaiming, "God's Not Dead." It also has a message from Willie Robertson, not only to the film's concert enthusiasts, but to the viewers of the movie, "Text 'God's Not Dead'! to everyone in your contacts!"

Perhaps too many subplots were introduced into this film where even more focus could have been afforded to the student's challenges with his friends and family for his stand for God. Furthermore, more Biblical and scientific evidence substantiating Josh's claim of God's existence could have been introduced. Nevertheless, the final analytical theme, "God gave people freedom of choice," is extremely prevalent up to the end. It is the choice of each individual on the existence of God and Jesus.

Oh, yes! And the "only one seat left"? Out of hundreds of seats in the theater, every one was filled with enthusiastic theater-goers celebrating the introduction of this new and exciting film, "God's Not Dead!" The theater manager earnestly stated to this columnist, "We are sold out!"

With one seat left, where were you?!

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