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Movie Review: Darling Companion

Darling Companion is a lovely story about a mother Beth (Diane Keaton) and daughter Grace (Elisabeth Moss) who come across an injured stray dog on the highway that they take in and fall in love with, naming him Freeway, only to have Beth’s workaholic husband Joseph (Kevin Kline) lose him when they are on a getaway at their Rocky Mountain cabin.

Kevin Kline, Meg Kasdan, Lawrence Kasdan, and their canine companion
Sony Pictures Classics

An endearing all-county search and rescue ensues to find Freeway, all the while examining the relationships of all those involved, which include couples and singles of every stage of the relationship life cycle.

Also starring Richard Jenkins, Diane Wiest, Sam Shepard, and Mark Duplass, Darling Companion is indeed darling and comical and is based loosely on the time writer/director Lawrence Kasdan (The Big Chill, The Bodyguard) and wife and co-writer Meg lost their dog while at their mountain vacation home. The cast of Darling Companion is filled with veterans of the big screen who bring a level of cinematic comfort, coupled with lesser known stars Ayelet Zurer and Mark Duplass, who delight with their on-screen charm.

As is often the case with canine-centric cinema, you don’t have to be a dog lover to enjoy this flick. Indeed, it is more about the relationships we form with each other, the challenges we encounter along the way, and how we handle those challenges.

Darling Companion is a film that has likely flown under your film radar what with all the bigger studio productions dominating the press these days. However, some of the best flicks are those you hear very little about, and therefore I can only hope that I give you the mere nugget of insight with this review that might incentivize you to go see this flick. A light, enjoyable film that is sure to delight most viewers.

Click here for Denver Metro showtimes for Darling Companion (opening exclusively at The Landmark Esquire).


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