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Movie doldrums

I, Frankenstein...oi veh
I, Frankenstein...oi veh
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Is it just me, or are we experiencing a good-movie doldrums? I haven't been excited to an upcoming release in quite a while, and though a few titles have piqued my interest, they have only disappointed.

Even with Oscar buzz a-brewing and some solid dramas out there, I'm still just kind of underwhelmed. The lack of any really exciting movies has led me to think and do strange things. For instance, a few weeks ago I went to the movie theatre (of course, Austin's own Alamo Drafthouse Theater) to see I, Frankenstein. Yes. It's true. It's not that I thought I, Frankenstein would be a good movie. It was more that there just wasn't anything out there I thought would be better.

I, Frankenstein did not disappoint. I mean, it was a bad movie. And I knew going in that it would be. There was plenty of eye-candy and some eye-catching special effects, but I could've saved myself the hour and a half and watched the awesome 90's cartoon Gargoyles instead.

I was happily surprised by the animated comedy The Lego Movie, which is probably one of the better movies I've seen in the last couple of months. But that's the funny part, The Lego Movie wasn't even a blip on my radar in any serious way until it came out in theaters and I started hearing buzz about how good it was. It was on my I-will-not-see-on-principal-of-how-bad-it-will-be list (in general, I'm not one to think highly of movies based on GAMES (think Doom and Battleship!)).

I can only hope that we will soon be out of the doldrums, but I think I'm going to have to wait until next month's indie film fest SXSW to see anything above average, or maybe even (cringe) the summer blockbusters!