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Movie Director Bryan Singer accused of Pedophilia and set to be movie hit

What is it with Hollywood Celebrities these days? Bryan Singer gets accused of raping a male teenager that occurred years ago and instead of the victim going through the normal channels of criminal and then civil court, he is in talks of a movie deal which will probably bring him a bigger pay off!

According to TMZ movie director of films like X-Men, Superman Returns, and Valkyrie, has been accused by Michael Egan of sexually abusing him when Egan was a minor. Reportedly, Egan reported the incidents to the LAPD claiming that he was sexually assaulted at Hollywood parties and orgies. Egan also alleged that there were other male victims and that Singer was not the only pedophile but is the only noted name identified in the celebrity news regarding these alleged sexual assaults which included sodomy. Also reported, Egan claimed that he reported the incidents to his mother who went to the LAPD and even the FBI back in 2000. Furthermore, Egan claimed to have sued at least two other male assailants who molested him at many of these parties back in 2000 but at the time, Bryan Singer was not one of them.

According to TMZ, when the talked with Jeff Herman, Micheal Egan's attorney, he had no thoughts as to why his client had not reported Bryan Singer to the police and FBI as well. However, it all makes sense now. Apparently, director, Amy Berg has been working on a new documentary about sex abuse in Hollywood that includes the accused Bryan Singer and reportedly, she has been working on the film with no other than Michael Egan. While I am not suggesting that the crimes took place but it does seem a bit strange that Egan waited nearly 14 years to come forward about Single. It is common for victims of sexual violence to wait many months or years or not at all to come forward but the fact remains that in this case, Egan came forward about at least two other assailants in the sexual abuse case but waited for many years to come forward about Singer which begs the question, was he perhaps waiting to see if Singer's career would take to a very rich career move?

I wonder if Amy Berg will included the allegations against Michael Jackson in her documentary about sex abuse in Hollywood? Just this past week, Michael Egan filed a civil suit against Bryan Singer as one of the men who allegedly raped him nearly 15 years ago. Also reported, Egan is working with Berg on the documentary. In 2006, Amy Berg received an Oscar nomination for another documentary about sex abuse; however this one titled, "Deliver us from Evil" was about sexual abuse allegations with the Catholic Church.

Timing is Everything!

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