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Movie and music event tonight in Joshua Tree


His other hand says "love."

Looking for something offbeat and unique to do tonight in the desert? Cruise into Joshua Tree Village and head to Ricochet for a movie and music combo.

Ricochet is the small business omnibus run by local scene maven Tawnja Pflueger. Initially it was a tiny corner shop, selling a hodgepodge of clothes and coffee. Now Ricochet has expanded – the corner shop remains as small but well thought out coffee bar, featuring local roasts and handmade gourmet foodstuffs – but now, just a few doors down, is Ricochet Vintagewear, a larger operation of vintage and some boutique designer wear sprinkled in.

Ricochet helps to define the culture of Joshua Tree in even more surprising ways. Take tonight, for example: local musical act J Tree Army Band will play a live set while front man Tim Easton’s favorite movie, Night of the Hunter, is screened in the background. It remains to be seen if the band will be actually scoring the movie, or just using the visuals for inspiration. There’s only one way to find out!

Show starts at 8pm. Cover is a measly $5. Plan on meeting the very very locals who make Joshua Tree great.

For more info: be sure to check the Ricochet website.