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Moverz and Shakerz: Baltimore business owner moves up and shakes off challenges

Movez By Adelicia
Movez By Adelicia
Movez By Adelicia

All business owners encounter obstacles and challenges on their road to success but imagine one day suddenly having to relocate your business, notify your clients and get back up and running ASAP. For many business owners, this challenge could be the ultimate deal breaker. Unless, of course, you know how to shake it off and make Movez like Adelicia Villagaray.

Adelicia is the passionate instructor and founder of Movez, a series of dance classes designed to work your body like a dancer through International dance genres... "Get the body of a dancer, by training like a dancer". While Adelicia is a licensed Zumba Instructor(ZIN) , a Latin-dance inspired aerobic workout, her true passion lies in pure Dance. Movez classes are cardio dance classes in which participants are introduced to true, real dances and dance training and develop an understanding of how dance affects the body, soul, and mind. Unlike a typical workout class, where people count down the time until it is over, Villagaray's students - her Movez Crew - countdown the time until they get to attend the next addictive Dance Jam Session.

On September 19th, 2012, Adelicia announced suddenly that she would no longer be holding classes at Skateland, where she packed the room twice a day, four days a week! The outpour of concern and support on her Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter) following the announcement was tremendous. Her students not only missed their instructor but they were also ready to get back on the dance floor.

True to the company name, the Movez owner was not just sitting still waiting for opportunity to knock. Instead she was working 24/7 to knock down obstacles, walls, break out paintbrushes, mount speakers, assemble platforms and create an amazing story of TRY-umph. As her Twitter status Monday accurately stated - Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try...

When asked about the hurdles Adelicia has had to deal with in the past she stated:
"Dance is what I live for... my passion, my drive. Nobody can take that away, or stop me from sharing my passion with others. Everyone should feel what it is to get lost in music and let your body just move. Dance is so beneficial to the body, mind, and soul and I feel that everyone should every day and in every way 'live within rhythm'. I am so happy that I am now with a Company that can celebrate, support, and share my passion and beliefs and I can finally do what I love to do... dance."

The Result! -One week after the initial announcement, Adelicia, announced that classes would resume Saturday, September 29, 2012 at the new Movez Studio in Middle River. Not only is she restarting her class schedule, but she is doing it with a Grand Opening of a new facility at 1116 Middle River Road, Baltimore, MD 21220 from 9am - 12pm on Saturday, September 29! To celebrate, there will be a FREE 90 minute Movez Master Class starring Movez Instructors Adelicia Villagaray and Aysia Turner from 10 - 11:30am and the announcement of the new class schedule.

What could have been the end of a business has become the new beginning of the Movez movement! Adelicia has a vision for Movez to become a center hosting diverse suite of dance and group class courses serving individuals of all experience levels.

Visit Adelicia in her new Movez home (1116 Middle River Road, Baltimore, MD 21220) and break it out on the Dancefloor!!


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