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Movement Electronic Music Festival: Day One

Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit
Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit
©Nicole Wrona/MLS

Framed by the circular sculpture, "Transcending," danced a modern Snow White, with a silver sequin headband and a pair of sunglasses.

Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit
©Nicole Wrona/MLS

Movement Electronic Music Festival kicked off today at Hart Plaza in Detroit. This marked the first day of the three day festival, which is in its 14th year. Musicians and fans from around the world gather together to experience the best in electronic music. The festival is held over Memorial Day Weekend on May 25 through May 27, 2013.

Snow White wasn't the only one dancing. People in the crowds knew how to get down right. There was dancing everywhere- on the concrete steps, under the trees, while waiting in line.

The crowd was a mix of Rainbow-Brite inspired ensembles and everyday attire. Viking hats peppered the skyline, interrupted occasionally by a gold lame jacket or disc-ball inspired mirrored vest. Everywhere you looked- everyone was having the time of their lives. Smiling, laughing, dancing; there was an excitement that is indescribable. The energy of the entire festival was like an off-the-chain house party. It was a bunch of different people coming together to have fun in the city.

There was deep bass and scattered frenetic beats that hit simultaneously. With five stages of music, there was a huge amount of music to check out. Musicians repped their cities around the United States and the globe- NYC, Paris, Chi-town, LA, Oxford, and of course, Detroit- where it all began.

The music was as varied as the crowd and spanned from a hardcore punk inspired-sound to a symphonic blend of orchestral interludes blended with some Snoop. Subdued girls with sweet oversized bows bobbed their heads to the music. Shigeto's militant beat was exhilarating; he added live drums to his set, causing the crowd to roar with excitement.

As the day progressed, the crowds grew, pouring through the gates; later they swelled to capacity, a massive explosion of people having unabashed fun. At the Electric Forest Stage, people were two-stepping in their kaleidoscope of kicks, while the crowd at the beatport stage went wild for Miguel Campbell. Onra tore it apart at the Red Bull Academy Stage, enticing the crowd to dance their hearts out.

Don't miss this amazing event which continues tomorrow, Sunday the 26 through Monday the 27. Tickets are available here.