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Move your Lymph

It is now Day 3 of Yoga Month...have you practiced yet? If you are still teetering on your decision, here is another great reason to do it...your lymphatic system. Simply put, your lymphatic system is an important element in removing toxins from your body.  By practicing yoga, you perform certain moves that help move the lymph around the body faster, which in turn eliminates waste faster. Your body becomes internally stronger!

Key points to be aware of:

*Lymph is originally plasma...the fluid portion of blood. It collects waste as it moves through the lymphatic system and the lymph nodes help destroy potentially harmful bacteria or viruses in the lymph.

*Unlike the other systems of the body, the lymphatic system does not have an organ that helps move the lymph. It depends on YOU to move around sufficiently so that it can do its part.

*Moving the lymph strengthens your immune system. You become more resistant to potential infections or illnesses. You want to enjoy good health, right?

*The practice of yoga inversions, twists, and active movements help facilitate the movement of the lymphatic system. Inversion poses helps the lymph move up to the nodes that are in the upper part of the body. The twists help squeeze out stagnant fluid and let in the freshly oxygenated fluid. The active moves simply gets the oxygenated blood and fluids moving around the body faster.

*Yoga's chief focus on breathing aids in the movement of the lymph in the solar plexus area of the body. Learning to breathe more deeply gives the gentle pressure that the deeper lymph areas need to get worked.

So...get your mat, breathe, and move your lymph as you enjoy your yoga practice. It is so much better than letting things stagnate. You just might feel the gratitude within your body!


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