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Move without bringing bed bugs with you

Man moving on in life
Man moving on in life
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Have you ever felt so helpless, that you just gave up and lived in a very negative situation, even though you knew you needed to get out? It's a feeling that shatters peace, leaves us tired, restless, a walking zombie of sorts.

You've moved into your new apartment, just starting a new life. You finally built up the strength to leave your old dysfunctional life, or stretched your wings and moved out on your very own for the first time. However, within weeks or even days, your new beginning was struck down by an unbelievably nasty pest.

If you've moved into an apartment that has a bed bug infestation, you don't have many options. Chances are, the building management already knows your building is infested, and they aren't going to spend the huge amounts of money and effort required to fix the problem. Now, your furniture is infested with bed bugs, and you're faced with choices. Do I move? How can I move, I will just bring the bed bugs with me! Maybe they'll just go away! Maybe I can spray them with bed bug spray!

There is an excellent answer: move, and kill the bed bugs during your move. How can you move without bringing bed bugs with you? Mobile bed bug heat treatment is the answer. A bed bug moving company will move your furniture from your infested location to your new address. In the meanwhile, they will heat treat your furniture over night, killing all bed bugs. This solution allows you to move, keeping all of your furniture.

A bed bug exterminator in Hamilton, ON has this exact solution. If you live in the Hamilton, Toronto or Southern Ontario area, Green Heat can help you move without bringing bed bugs with you.