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Move over Villaraigosa , Ellie Goulding and the girls are running the city now!

Don’t worry Mr. Beutner there hasn’t been a coup (…yet!) but British superstar Ellie Goulding will be taking over the city this Wednesday along with a large amount of girls for a new way of running things on the street which involves nothing more than a pair of Nikes and perhaps a pair of comfortable shorts and tees (...You guys at city hall should try it yourselves sometime!)

Ellie For Mayor!! ..A new way of 'running things' in LA
Ellie Goulding

Currently touring the State and trying not to melt at Coachella this weekend Ellie will be hosting her running session at the Grove at 6.30 pm following a very special and free live set (for everyone planning to run with her) at 6pm. So if you are a girl and one of the odd million or so who dipped out on catching tickets to the now sold out show in Hollywood on Wednesday, it’s a perfect chance to catch a great intimate acoustic show, go for a run and get some special running tips and prizes from one of the best female vocalist and songwriters to come out of the UK since Kate Bush.More details on the 'Ellie Runs' site with Nike

Oh, and just in case anyone happens to spot some strange looking girl in a dress with a beard jogging alongside the action on Wednesday I would really like to re iterate at this point that it’s not me!! But just in case there are any fellah’s (or girls) at Coachella who like to ‘dress’ up there’s a special competition at Coachella to win a signed and framed poster for anyone who can string a set of homemade ‘Ellie’ clothes together and send in the pictures of themselves wearing them!!

At Coachella Ellie can be found in the Record Store Day tent on Sunday at 3.30 and will be playing a full band set in the GOBI tent at 5pm on Sunday too.Just remember to take a picture of yourself at the festival in your golden Goulding creations and tweet it using the hashtag to #CoachELLIE anytime during the weekend up until April 19th to win.More on Ellie's antics at Coachella can be found here and at her Facebook page too (and yes people, whenever posts are written in the first person it IS Ellie writing them herself).

Now then, would this dress look better with or without the beard…?


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