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Move over Hump Day, it's Happy Help Day

Wednesday is considered hump day by many Americans. It is the middle of a work week. Two days in and two days to go until your weekend.

Simple words can make major differences in the lives of people.

However a group of students and teachers decided to create Happy Help Day in a movement to Delete Negativity on Social Media. It's fairly simple since the majority of people, including kids and teens are on the Internet, to send someone a kind message.

Maybe offer to help them feel better today. Do you know someone that is struggling with a loss, or feeling down? Give them some words of inspiration.

Words matters, keystrokes count - we have a choice to use them with care and compassion.

#iCANHELP Campaign was formed after a fake unflattering Facebook page was created about a teacher at their school. Students and teachers gathered to combat peer cruelty with a kindness campaign and they want to take their mission nationwide!

Today is Happy Help Day!

We all know you are online, go to your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform and un-Crumple someone today!

Follow them on Twitter and join them on Facebook.

Remember, don’t change who you are or stand for just because you are online!

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