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Move Closer to the Job or Not

Train commuters
Train commuters

To Leave or Stay? That is the question: Moving closer to the job.

Here’s a scenario I’ve heard for quite some time - I love my neighborhood, but my company moved and now my commute is HORRIBLE! Do I move closer or do I tough it out?

Of course, family, children, schools, life plans, job security, etc play a major role in the decision-making process. However, for your own mental health (read: sanity), here are some questions to ask yourself to help you decide:

  1. If you drive in heavy traffic, do you arrive at work in a bad mood?
  2. You already work long hours. Is there a feasible way to take back a few hours by lessening your commute?
  3. Is there an affordable and safe neighborhood or area around your workplace?
  4. Do you have the opportunity to work from home?
  5. Do you have an emotional attachment to your current residence?
  6. Do you use the extra commute time to contribute to your mental health, i.e. organize your mental to-do list, listen to your favorite type of music (as opposed to what your spouse, children, carpoolers want to hear), listen to a self-help cd?
  7. What is it that you love or enjoy – the vibrant city OR the park-settings of the suburbs?
  8. Will your boss expect you to be ‘available’ more if you’re closer to work?
  9. Do you pass any cool places between work and home, that you wouldn’t normally go to, if they weren’t so conveniently located on your commute?
  10. How do you like your eggs cooked – sunny side up or a long hard scamble? (Just thru that one in there to see if you were paying attention)
  11. Do you feel left out because you’re not among work friends outside of work?
  12. Is it time for a change anyway?
  13. Are you looking to shake things up in your life?
  14. Have you committed to anything that you’d really like to stay involved in?
  15. Have you committed to anything that you’d really like to get out of?
  16. What do you love to do? Can it be enjoyed anywhere you live?

For your mental health, ask yourself these questions even before you start to look for a new place. It’s not an exhaustive list but one devised to get you thinking about the undiscovered minute things that make your life go.

Happy house-hunting!…OR Stay put! (whichever is applicable)


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