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'MouseCraft' dev: It's easier for indies to get their games on Xbox One than PS4

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Tomasz Tomaszewski, the developer of "MouseCraft," praised Microsoft's new approach to indies yesterday, saying it's easier for them to get their games on Xbox One than PS4 or PS Vita.

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Tomaszewski of Crunching Koalas, the studio behind the game, was interviewed yesterday by Total Xbox about the ID@Xbox launch parity clause possibly causing a problem in releasing "MouseCraft" for the Xbox One. Tomaszewski said the parity clause, which states a game must be release first on the Xbox One or at the same time as other platforms, could prevent "MouseCraft" appearing on Microsoft's latest console, as the puzzle game was schedule to arrive on PC and the PS Vita first in May. On the official Total Xbox forum, Tomaszewski clarified some statements made within the interview that made it seem like he was down on Microsoft or unenthusiastic about the Xbox One, which were later added by the website's editor. After clarifying himself, Tomaszewski talked about the good work Microsoft has put into the ID@Xbox program.

I'd like to stress something which I already wrote on reddit - Microsoft are doing an excellent work regarding how they approach and contact indie developers and I'm sure they will open the platform for many great games that have been launched on different systems earlier. Hope that our game will also come on board.

Chris Charla - the chief of ID@Xbox has definitely turned the tide. Right now it's easier to get your game on Xbox One then on the PS4 or even PS Vita.

All fans of indie games that bought the Xbox One should remain calm. There will be great indie titles (maybe even exclusives) on Xbox, I'm sure of it.

On Twitter, Tomaszewski said Charla has reached out to him about the Vita release of "MouseCraft" and that it won't be a problem for the Xbox One version.

Considering how often Sony boasts about indie developers choosing to work on PlayStation, news of indie titles being easier to publish on Xbox One than the PS4 or Vita could be a game changer. That is, if Microsoft can do something about its parity clause.