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Mounting medical bills spell trouble

Overwhelmed with medical bills?
Overwhelmed with medical bills?
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A billing error from a hospital resulted in $30,000 in unpaid medical bills for Michael Dziedzic in Rifle, Colorado.  This error caused charges to go to collection, while Mr. Dziedzic was also caring for his dying wife.

An article in The Denver Post  provides a complete overview of the details:  Dziedzic would have ended up in bankruptcy if the errors had not been detected, and corrected.  He enlisted the help of a medical billing advocate to sort out the errors and get the claims out of collection, and paid. 

It is a common fact that 8 out of 10 hospital bills contain errors.  It is wise to get an itemized statement and review your charges, for anything that is questionable, or just doesn't make sense.  A local medical billing advocate in Loveland, Colorado,  Medical Billing Advocacy of the Rockies  assists those in similar situations.