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Mountain Time Zone musicians invade NAMM: The Command Sisters

Mountain Time Zone musicians invade NAMM:  The Command Sisters
Mountain Time Zone musicians invade NAMM: The Command Sisters
Nate Baptist

The Command Sisters took over the NAMM GoPro Stage, on Jan. 23. The National Association of Music Merchants brings together musicians and brands such as Ultimate Ears and Vic Firth to the Anaheim Convention Center and various locations around the world.

Mountain Time Zone musicians invade NAMM:  The Command Sisters
Sareth Ney

Sarah Command provides backup vocals, plays the mandolin and the guitar and Charlotte Command is the guitarist and vocalist of The Command Sisters.

As The Command Sisters began to their recital with “Rodeo”, the audience continued to grow. As the song came to an end, they sang a cappella. After the ovation from the crowd, they stated they were from Canada.

Prior to the start of “Just Do”, Sarah Command exchanged her guitar for her mandolin. As she was doing so, Charlotte Command spoke of the inspiration of the song and how life was about taking chances. She joked how it was all “lubby dubby” and the instrumentals were “really cute”’.

“Bad” brought an end to The Command Sister’s performance. Charlotte thanked Matthew, of the John Lennon Bus, for bringing them along on the NAMM ride. Before Sarah Command parted the stage—she left with a parting message, “Good Night, Anaheim!” She said how she always wanted to say it, even though it was near 1 PM.

“Flower Petals”, “Both of Us”, “Limousine”, Carrie Underwood’s “Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree”, “One Man Band” and “Take Me Home” were also part of The Command Sister’s set.

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