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Mountain Time Zone musicians invade NAMM: Maxwell Hughes

Mountain Time Musicians invade NAMM:  Maxwell Hughes
Mountain Time Musicians invade NAMM: Maxwell Hughes
Sareth Ney

Maxwell Hughes took his show to the max at The National Association of Music Merchants Show, on Jan. 24. The NAMM Show brings together musicians and brands such as Monster to the Anaheim Convention Center and various locations around the world.

Mountain Time Musicians invade NAMM:  Maxwell Hughes
Sareth Ney

After Hughes took his seat, he was introduced by Tom Moyer. Moyer stated he loved finding new talent and how Hughes was one who stood out. After Moyer stepped off stage, Hughes began his recital with “No Name”. He joked how he did not have a method in choosing names for his songs. Afterwards, he mentioned he was from Fort Collins, Colo. As he continued to play—he displayed the various ways of how he played his guitar.

Before the start of “Kamikaze”, Hughes mentioned how he was going to sell his albums. Then, changed his mind and said he would give them out for free. He went onto say he had temporary tattoos and stickers to give out too. He had more fun with the audience, stated he did not have any arm tattoos and how he would place them on his arms in a narcissistic way.

Prior to the start of “Hammerhead”, Hughes reminded the audience had merchandise to give out to the spectators. He also mentioned how much he appreciated them for being in attendance and hoped to see them next year, at NAMM. He mentioned the song could be found on YouTube. As the song came to an end, he took his finger to the rim of the soundhole of the guitar to produce a different sound.

“Interlude”, “Rain Waltz”, “Old Boy”, “Tale Of The American West” and “Flat Cat” were also a part of Maxwell Hughes set.

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