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‘Mountain Men’: Eustace Conway returns for third season in June

Mountain Men Premieres for third season
Mountain Men Premieres for third season
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Mountain Men” is a series on the History channel that takes us into the lives of those who live a natural yet rugged life, deep in the mountainous areas. According to Tv by the Numbers, dated May 12, 2014, the show will be premiering on the History channel on June 1 at 9 p.m. ET. This will be the third season for the show.

Eustace Conway is one of the “Mountain Men” that is followed in this show. Conway lives in the mountains in North Carolina and is a true believer in the “living off the land” way of life. He also believes in teaching his way of life to others so that they have the ability to survive off the land and live a true self-reliant lifestyle.

Conway lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains on a rugged section of land called Turtle Island. Conway has had more than his share of struggles in past episodes of the show. He was struggling to pay off a loan and was coming close to losing the land he so desperately loves. This season finds him struggling to find ways to earn money and keep Turtle Island going.

Eustace Conway is just one of the mountain men followed in this show, but is by far the most interesting and outgoing. Other than the show, Conway also does guest appearances to talk about his self-reliant lifestyle and even invites guests to his Turtle Island retreat to teach them first- hand how to live off the land using only his wits and primitive tools that he makes himself.

It’s not a life just anyone could live, but Conway and several others do it every day and they invite viewers to go along and explore their way of life by tuning in once a week. If you have ever had any interest in real self-reliance and living off grid, tune into the History channel and learn from some of the best “Mountain Men” around.

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