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Mountain lion attack in neighborhood: Dog's life saved by boy's screams (+Video)

A mountain lion attack early Wednesday morning nearly cost a dog its life. The attack happened near Surprise Valley, a neighborhood in Boise, Id. Fish and Game officials told NWCN that the dog was treated for a small puncture wound on the shoulder that it sustained as result of the attack. The animal was treated and released at a local vet clinic and it is expected to make a full recovery.

Although the animal that attacked the 5-pound Maltese was identified as a mountain lion, Fish and Game officials have not confirmed this as of yet but they are investigating the incident. Although evidence of a mountain lion in the area haven't been noticed so far, officials have spotted coyote, deer, and dog tracks.

A woman living in the neighborhood where the alleged attack occurred told news outlets that she believes she saw a mountain lion near her backyard Wednesday morning.

Marie Biaggne said:

“Just before I pulled the screen back to let him out, I saw him and he was right here and the color was like a mountain lion,” Biaggne expressed. “I did not see it's head but I saw the back of his body and of course the dogs came running out and the little one barked and barked like he's never barked before and chased him up to the gate, and I saw him go over the gate and I did not see him after that.”

The attack was reported around 6:30 a.m. after the child of a homeowner heard their small dog making a yelping noise. The child's parents were alerted of the attack when the boy started yelling. Apparently, the animal was frightened by the boy's screams, which caused it to release the dog from the grip of its powerful jaws. By the time the child's parents made it to the scene, the animal had vanished.

Mountain lion attacks in the area are not an unfamiliar occurrence. Earlier this year, two dogs accompanying a mountain biker were attacked by a mountain lion. The next day, a jogger with a dog reported a frightening encounter with a cougar just a short distance from the previous sighting. Officials still haven't found neither of the big cats in those cases.

A notice about the attack was posted to the Surprise Valley Homeowners Association and it read: "Please keep a close eye on ALL children and pet.Call police at 377-6790 immediately if you see a mountain lion."

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