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Mountain communities on rabies alert in Clear Creek County

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Vantoux-et-Longevelle France GFDL - CC-BY-SA

The Clear Creek County Health Department has issued a rabies alert after a bat tested positive for rabies on July 22.

The bat was found near Dumont, just off I-70. The county says the animals most likely to carry rabies are bats and skunks.

Pet owners in the county should make sure their pets are up to date on their rabies vaccinations right away and keep all pets on a leash when not in a fenced yard.

Also, if you find a bat on the ground or come across any animal acting strangely, leave the area and immediately contact County Animal Control through the Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at 303-679-2393.

If you or a family member are bitten by an animal you fear could have rabies, wash the bite with soap and water and see a doctor as soon as possible. Report the bite to Clear Creek County Animal Control or Clear Creek County Public and Environmental Health at 303-567-2148.

Read more about the rabies alert and the rabid bat here from the Clear Creek Courant.


  • sue 5 years ago

    Scary stuff---thanks for all your good information!!!

  • Sushil 5 years ago

    Quick note to your readers, Kathy -- if you have horses, remember they can get rabies & can be vaccinated, too. There seem to be a lot of skunks around our barn these days, so I made sure my horse is up to date on his rabies innoculations this year.

  • Patty 5 years ago

    I agree with Sue...scary!!! Thanks for the reminder to one and all.

  • Herman 5 years ago

    Good info. Everyone needs to be alerted.

  • DN 5 years ago

    A co-worker's son found a sick bat on his way to school a few years ago. He carried it around in his shirt pocket all day, with no one noticing it in his pocket. He, along with several classmates, had to have the series of rabies injections. Yikes!

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