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Mount Gay XO aged rum from Barbados


Mount Gay Extra Old from Barbados is a favorite among rum enthusiasts who enjoy big, bold flavors in their aged sipping rums.

Mount Gay Extra Old aged rum from Barbados
Mount Gay XO aged rum
from Barbados.
Photo By Robert Burr.

This 8 to 15 years aged rum is a blend of single and double distilled marks chosen from select stocks of Mount Gay's choice toasted oak barrelings, giving it a smoky rich oak baseline.

The deep amber, copper color with a hint of red suggest a very long aging in oak. This XO has rich viscosity and a luxury mouth feel. The initial aroma of big oak dominates the senses, then subtle aromas of sweet, ripe tropical fruit emerge. The flavors of its rich oak character are balanced to perfection with notes of ripe banana and toast, followed by vanilla, pastry and warm spice.

At 86 proof, Mount Gay Extra Old is a perfect example of the finesse that only time and patience can bring to a fine supping rum.

The Mount Gay rums are produced by Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd of Barbados, which began distilling rum in 1703, making it one of the first documented brands in the world.

The flagship brand is Mount Gay Eclipse, one of the most popular rums in the world, sold in more than 60 countries. They also produce Mount Gay Sugar Cane Brandy (Sugar Cane Rum in the U.S.), Mount Gay Silver Eclipse, Mount Gay Special Reserve and Mount Gay 1703.

The brand is owned by Rémy Cointreau of France, purveyors of many fine champagne, cognac, liqueur and spirit brands.

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