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Mount Everest tragedy causes Discovery to cancel 'Everest Jump Live' event

Joby Ogwyn
Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

The tragedy at Mount Everest has made Discovery decide to cancel a huge event. On Sunday, news came out from USA Today that they will not be airing "Everest Jump Live" that was planned for May 11. This big event was supposed to be a huge event.

Discovery had a huge success with their "Skywire Live with Nik Wallenda." This program was the most watched program in the history of Discovery channel. They were planning to have this kind of success with "Everest Jump Live" but it is not going to happen now.

Joby Ogwyn was set to jump off of Mt. Everest and it would all go down live. It was actually going to be a five night event and fans are upset that they are going to miss it, but also understand why. Joby actually went to Facebook saying, "I am safe at base camp but I have lost my Sherpa team in the avalanche yesterday. These men were the salt of the Earth. Far better men than me. My heart is broken."

Discovery went to their Facebook page to share the news with fans and they are very understanding. There have been several responses that have to do with sending condolences. Several people think that it should have never been tried in the first place. At this time at least 12 Sherpas have passed away in the avalanche that happened.

They had hired several different people for this event. Discovery was bringing in a special host plus a meteorologist. Of course they also had trainers and people to make sure everything was done in the safest way possible. This simply means that they have lost money but are paying respect in the best way possible.

This shouldn't keep the Discovery channel from trying to come up with live events. After such a big success with their first one they will probably try it again. Maybe Joby Ogwyn will find somewhere else to attempt his jump. He had already been doing a lot of training at Mount Everest though.

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