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Motorola Xoom Tablet, the Honeycomb hostilities begin!

Let the ruckus begin!
Let the ruckus begin!

So if you are smart you know about the Notion Ink Adam Tablet, which I have been writing on for quite some time (if you are not read here). I say smart because you are a savvy consumer and don’t fall for marketing schemes (read iPad or iHype).

Here are the official details:
10.1 inch HD display
720 HD video shooting
1080p HD video support
1280x800 pixel resolution at 150p per inch
Gorilla Glass
1GB internal RAM
32GB internal memory
Data encryption
Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)
3G and Wifi connectivity
4G ready and upgradeable
“Floating” Multi-finger user interface
1GHz Dual Core processor ARM-based Tegra 2
5MP rear facing camera with LED flash and digital zoom
2MP Front facing Camera
Adaptive Lighting
10 hr video playback battery life
Weight: 730 g
Audio formats: AAC, AAC+, AMR NB, AMR WB, MP3, XMF
USB 2.0
Corporate email sync

Woooo!!! The Motorola Xoom Tablet is stomping with the big dogs. This beats the iPad in several areas, but I will let you be the judge. I’ll do a comparison soon. Same Bat time same Bat channel.

Here is the comparison I made: Whether it’s iPad2 vs. Xoom, Verizon says Duh, Winning


  • Joshua Price 4 years ago

    You need to seriously check those specs! The "2GHz Dual Core processor ARM-based Tegra 2" should read "1Ghz dual core Tegra 2" That's a big difference!

    But I am smart, and so I know that the NI Adam still has a leg up on this tablet. As cool as it may look...

  • Profile picture of Alain Joseph
    Alain Joseph 4 years ago

    Joshua thanks for the comment. There are conflicting reports. But for your sake I will change it. But really looking forward to Motorola's official specs.

  • nitin 4 years ago

    Right Joshua,
    The guy obviously forgot to mention as many details about Adam as he did for Xoom. It doesn't matter if they are mentioned elsewhere, since he is comparing xoom with adam, the specs and other features of adam must also be present in same post. Also, may I point that Adam is the most ergonomic and inexpensive and innovative tablet which is already sold out? On the other hand Xoom is vaporware.

  • Profile picture of Alain Joseph
    Alain Joseph 4 years ago

    Nitin, unfortunately there are not as many details for Xoom like there are for Notion Ink's Adam Tablet. When they come out I will give a official comparison. And I made mention of Adam. This is by no means a comparison article.

  • Steve 4 years ago

    As a savvy customer I shop for devices that are fully supported by a huge ecosystem, worldwide developer base and aren't going to disappear overnight.

    But keep telling yourself it's all marketing.

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