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Motorhomes that can survive a zombie apocalypse

There have been some truly memorable truck and RV-based zombie proof vehicles over the years, from the 12-wheeled Landmaster APC in the ‘70s movie Damnation Alley and the GMC-based EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle in the motion picture Stripes (1981), to the Mack hauled tanker from the post-apocalyptic Mad Max trilogy and the armoured, snow plough equipped, Ford-E-350-based shuttle bus in the ’04 remake of Dawn of the Dead. Needless to say, the very real concerns posed by brain eating zombies roaming the streets got me wondering whether there are actually any off the peg Zombie proof vehicles available for discerning RV buyers worried about protecting themselves against every conceivable post-apocalyptic eventuality.

Austria’s Action Mobil have produced a number of zombie proof vehicles over the years (Pictured Top: Desert Challenger Bottom: Outback 4).
Austria’s Action Mobil have produced a number of zombie proof vehicles over the years (Pictured Top: Desert Challenger Bottom: Outback 4).
Action Mobil
The 12-wheeled Landmaster APC from Damnation Alley and the armoured Ford-E-350 from Dawn of the Dead.
Twentieth Century Fox/Strike Entertainment

...”My life fades. The vision dims. All that remains are memories. I remember a time of chaos. Ruined dreams. This wasted land. But most of all, I remember The Road Warrior.” - Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.

Best Load Carrying Zombie Proof RV

If you’re the kind of guy that won’t let a pandemic or a global thermonuclear war stand in the way of a post-apocalyptic road trip with your buds and your big boys toys then you might well be in the market for Peter Dunkel’s $500K Upper Deck MPV. Based on the Ford F-650/F-750 commercial chassis this 32-foot long, 8'6" wide and 11'6" tall RV is perfect for the road warrior. The MPV can carry a couple of ATV’s or dirt bikes on the 3,000lb capacity upper deck roof platform plus an SUV of choice on the 7,000lb capacity flatbed.

Powered by a Caterpillar C7 7.2L 300HP engine -- developing 800lb ft of torque -- and mated to an Allison 3000 6-speed automatic transmission the unit is also equipped with a military grade FSD-12A AWD steerable drive axle system which provides the colossal “Upper Deck” MPV with an unparalled off-road capability that will simply leave those flesh eating zombies in the dust.

Best Nuclear Proof Motorhome

Back in 2005 luxury motorhome manufacturer Parliament Coach Corporation teamed up with Homeland Defense Vehicles to create a $1.2 million Prevost-based nuclear proof motorhome for the glitterati. No doubt the designers assumed that if you and your luxury rig were vaporised in the initial blast you wouldn’t be around to sue them. If you were able to successfully shield the moho from blast damage -- via judicious use of the surrounding terrain -- you could then fire up the $100,000 NBC filtration system to provide a safe living environment.

The main drawback to this million dollar rig is its lack of armor which would make it next to impossible to repel a concerted mutant or zombie attack. It’s evident that the owner of this unique motorhome noted this deficiency because he subsequently turned the space used by the NBC filtration system into a wine cellar. As an aside it’s highly likely that the two heavily armoured presidential Prevost XLII motorhomes operated by the U.S. Secret Service likely contain NBC filtration systems.

Best Zombie Proof Toad Vehicle

Have the family hunker down in the RV in a safe zone whilst you take the Knight XV into town on a resupply mission. Produced by Toronto, Canada-based Conquest Vehicles Inc., this fully armoured SUV has to be considered your best chance of survival against the new breed of faster moving zombies that were first documented by Danny Boyle in the United Kingdom back in 2002 (28 Days Later). Powered by a V10, 6.8-litre bio-fuel engine the $629,000, 10,000lb vehicle provides 400 hp and 498-ft lbs of torque which should provide more than enough muscle to outrun even the fastest zombie.

With a night vision capable exterior surveillance system, joystick controlled searchlights, and a positive pressure defense system against gas attacks the Knight XV offers users protection against all known threats including “smart” zombies (à la George Romero’s Land of the Living Dead).

Best Looking Zombie Proof Concept Vehicle

Although the 2006 GMC Pad never got off the drawing board there’s no doubt that this stunning concept RV could have been drawn straight from the pages of Richard Matheson’s seminal ‘50s era novel, I Am Legend. A book that was not only to provide the inspiration for George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead but which could arguably be credited with spawning the entire zombie apocalypse movie and video game genre from Resident Evil to the Walking Dead.

The GMC PAD – which was envisaged as a futuristic diesel-electric powered living space for the modern city dweller – would appear to be the ideal mode of transport for any self-respecting, fashion conscious, survivor of an apocalypse. Indeed, the addition of a few strategically placed miniguns along with the use of composite armor would merely enhance the beauty of those stunning lines. (Thanks to John Kyros at the GM Media archive for providing the GMC Pad slideshow photos).

Most Capable Zombie Proof Motorhome

Austria’s Action Mobil have produced a number of zombie proof vehicles over the years, more often than not based on the incomparable MAN KAT chassis. Offerings like the Desert Challenger and the Outback 4 (first slide in slideshow) could easily merit the “most capable zombie proof motorhome” title but these are big gas guzzling rigs that would require a significant post-apocalyptic refueling and logistical resupply capability.

By contrast, Action Mobil’s Mercedes-Benz-based Atacama Zetros 1 -- powered by the in-line six cylinder OM 926 LA turbo diesel engine mated to a manual G 131-9 nine-speed transmission -- provides an RV platform that can not only ford rivers and streams but can easily undertake off-road zombie recon missions regardless of the terrain. So jump aboard the Atacama Zetros 1 and head for the hills – except those hills in New Mexico where Papa Hades and his mutant clan like to hang out.

If you prefer a zombie proof motorhome with an integral car carrying capability then you should check out Action Mobil’s MAN TGS-based Atacama 7900. Zombies would doubtless be completely gobsmacked to see an SUV (a Suzuki Jimny) emerging out of the rear of the vehicle thus giving you plenty of time to effect an escape.


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