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Headbanging brain bleed: 50-year-old's brain bleeds after Motorhead concert

A 50-year-old fan of the heavy metal group Motorhead attended a concert recently and got right into the headbanging that goes along with heavy metal music. This time the headbanging, which is the violent shaking of your head, caused a brain bleed. This is rare, but not unheard of among fans of hard rock bands, according to MSN News on July 4.

Motorhead fan gets brain bleed from headbanging. Above is the Motorhead drummer doing some of his own head banging.
Photo by Frazer Harrison

This man admits to being a headbanger for years and he when he had attended the Motorhead concert recently with his son, the headbanging came back like second nature. For days after the concert he was plagued with headaches, so he saw a doctor.

According to the New York Daily News, when he landed at the doctor’s office with these headaches he had no history of head injuries, but tests showed that he had a small brain bleed. The brain bleed was caused by the violent shaking of the head during his headbanging activity at the concert.

Doctors needed to drill a small hole in the man’s skull to drain the blood, which was causing pressure on his brain and giving the man headaches. Once the blood was drained, the man’s headaches subsided.

Doctors say that headbanging, which is the violent shaking of your head back and forth, can cause the brain to bump up against the skull and this can cause brain damage. This is similar to what children experience in Shaken Baby Syndrome.
Babies’ brains are much more vulnerable to severe brain damage than adults because their brains are just developing, but the brain bumping up against the skull in babies and adults can cause damage.

Dr. Ariyan Pirayesh Islamian, one of the doctors who treated the man for the brain bleed at Hanover Medical School in Germany, said that he is not against headbanging. He did say that this probably wouldn’t have happened to the man if he was at a classical music concert, but it is rare.

Other heavy metal fans have been diagnosed with brain bleeds after they have shown up at hospitals with the same symptoms. The chances of this headbanging causing a brain bleed are so small that Islamian does not believe people need to give up this concert-going behavior.

He said that at other concerts people jump up and down, which also causes shaking of the brain. So it is not just headbanging that is shaking concert goers brains. He said that the rare cases aren't enough to indicate passing along a warning to stop this behavior, which means for now,"rock on,!"

Headbanging is an art and the video above shows you how start your headbanging experience to hard rock music!

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