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'MotorGun' Kickstarter Campaign officially launches

Car combat on another level.
Car combat on another level.

Kickstarter is called to the rescue again, only this time to the aide of an all star cast of seasoned developers, looking to put their action title on the market.

Pixelbionic has officially launched their MotorGun Kickstarter campaign, the company announced today. Formerly known as AutoDuel, MG was revealed earlier in the year along with the announcement of the Pixelbionic Studio. PB features an impressive catalog of experience developers including, David Jaffe - God of War and Twisted Metal and Interstate ‘76 creator Zack Norman.

“We’ve been working hard to ready our Kickstarter launch of MotorGun, which we are beyond ecstatic about,” said Mike Arkin, Pixelbionic co-founder and president. “We have an amazing opportunity to really push the limits of what can be achieved with such as ambitious indie project,” added co-founder Maxx Kaufman.

MotorGun itself is a PC team-based multiplayer title akin to other games within the car combat genre. The action-oriented gameplay features customization, player progression - including a tech tree; with multiple modes of play and a vast vehicle selection.

Also joining the MotorGun team is GoW and Unreal Tournament designer, Lee Perry. “As a fan of both the genre and many of the titles the Pixelbionic Dream Team has worked on, it’s exciting to be able to contribute to the vision and direction for MotorGun,” Perry said. His role will include the design, “of an exclusive battlefield arena as part of the project’s stretch goals,” the company outlined.

Lee Perry joins the rest of the MotorGun team, such as designer Scot Kramarich – Lead Designer on Interstate '82 and Designer on Interstate '76 – and Rafael Paiz – Senior Programmer on The Matrix: Path of Neo and Lead Programmer on Redneck Rampage and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Chanel Summers – a former audio designer for Microsoft hardware, including Xbox, joins Jaffe and Norman on the Pixelbionic advisory board.

It’s hard not to have high expectations with such experienced devs at the helm. And like any title in question or high regard, time will tell if its potential becomes a viable gaming experience.

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