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Motorcycling 101, riding with your head, not above it.

Riding Deals Gap
Riding Deals Gap
Ralph L. Angelo Jr

We have all heard the term ‘ride with your head not above it’, but what does that truly mean? Further does it apply to all types of motorcycles and riders? Resoundingly yes. All motorcyclists, no matter what they ride can get in over their heads. It’s not just riders on sport bikes. There are many video’s on you tube that show a rider on a heavy cruiser sliding off the road in a crash. The reason? Because he got in over his head and did not know his limits.

A famous man once said 'A man has got to know his limitations.' And that is nowhere truer than on the seat of a motorcycle where you have no protection around you. One thing to always keep in mind when riding your motorcycle is to ride with seventy percent of your ability and to keep thirty percent in reserve. That means don’t push your luck. Ride with your head and not your wrist. Riding on the street is not a race, no matter how some may wish it were. Always think ahead while you are riding. You never know what’s around that blind curve ahead, or how deep the curve may wind in upon itself. Those are called ‘decreasing radius turns’. The more a turn tightens up the more lean angle a rider needs to navigate it. Many heavy cruiser motorcycles do not have any appreciable lean angle and this is when you see accidents taking place, like this one.

It is always best to err on the side of caution, no matter how much you may wish to cut loose and do otherwise.When riding on a new to you road, or one with a blind curve up ahead a rider never knows what lies around the next bend. A downed tree or a child chasing a ball could be in your path. Those are things a rider should always bear in mind every time they throw a leg over a motorcycle seat.