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Motorcycles and surfing

Motor bikes took over the famous surf site on Hossegor beach in southwest France at the Ronde des Sables motocross event in January 2014. Watch the attached video.

The beach is usually associated with world-class surfing but bikers competed for one weekend on a specially-constructed circuit.

Thomas Hill says riding motorcycles and surfing are very similar. "It's that sensation you get, that experience you get where you're really alive and living in the moment." Hill runs the Iron and Resin motorcycle shop in Ventura, just north of Los Angeles, California. He adds you can get that thrilling experience though snowboarding and skiing as well but for him it's surfing and the bikes, the open sea to the open roads.

When the beach is crowded with surfers, he takes to the road instead. But both can be combined with a Ural and a surf rack for it. View this website for how to modify for Dauntless Kodiak surf racks, front and back.

Places for the motor bike/surfboard combination must be carefully chosen. Indonesia is a surfers' paradise but the worst thing a surfer can do on Bali is ride a motorcycle. Visiting surfers have motorcycle accidents there every day that are serious or fatal. The swells are amazing, but unfortunately the pollution from tourists is increasing very rapidly.

Thinking along the green lines, surfing is better for the planet if the ocean is nearby and little fossil fuel has to be used to get the surfboard there. The motor bikes competing on the beaches do add to erosion and disturbing wildlife habitat. But motorcycle tripping is much better environmentally than SUV journeys and a lot more fun. Surfers need a litter-free ocean and most do not trash their beach environment.

Be sure to see the documentary film Drifter about Rob Machado's trip cruising around Indonesia on a Honda CB100 for six months camping and surfing.

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