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Motorcycle Rider Injured on Sunday in Alexandria Shriners Circus Stunt

According to KALB News Channel 5 the rider injured in the circus n Sunday is "A-OK"
According to KALB News Channel 5 the rider injured in the circus n Sunday is "A-OK"
Spring Lee

Alexandria, LA- A motorcycle rider was obviously injured in a show on Sunday in Alexandria, La at the Shriners 2014 circus. Oddly, there are no news channels reporting on the incident, the identity or the wellbeing of the rider. The only actual evidence is on Jason Arendt's Facebook page in a video he posted.

The rider obviously missed the inflatable safety tools and hit a steel barrier falling a good distance to the ground. Bystanders say that the young man was obviously injured.

When I ask KALB News Channel 5 on their Facebook page they answered ,"Hey Spring. From what we could find out, he's alive and should be A-OK." Several other people who were there when the accident happened were looking for updates on the rider.

There were several stunts that kept me on the edge of my seat. One other motorcycle stunt on Saturday got off to a rocky start, but ended well thanks to one of the women being carried underneath the high wire.

Again, the young man's identity has not been confirmed. It is said that he is doing ok and to have sustained no life threatening injuries. Whether or not he was hospitalized and his exact injuries remains unknown.

Prayers are with the young man and his family according to many bystanders and on Facebook. Check back for any breaking details if in fact any are forthcoming.

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