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Motorcycle nomad Bean're embarks on tour of Asia

Motorcycle nomad Bean're embarks on tour of Asia.
Motorcycle nomad Bean're embarks on tour of Asia.

For anyone savvy with the motorcycling world, Bean're is a living legend as he is a true vagabond making his way around to various rallies, appearing on TV shows, writing the book "Bean're - Motorcycle Nomad", and being the all around "Mayor of Fun". He is currently in Vietnam and took a few moments earlier today to chat via online to color in some of the details from his recent posts and video uploads.

Q: What was your inspiration for taking this journey?

"I always wanted to take a motorcycle tour of Asia since I have ridden on three other continents. Vietnam seemed like a natural starting point since it is on the coast of mainland Asia. I wanted to ride through as many countries as I could while I am here and to make it more adventurous, I did no research and wanted just to show up and make it happen. My plan was Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, India and a few others."

Q: Have you encountered any challenges?

"Once I got here I found there was a problem with riding bikes bought in one country to the other. Thailand will NOT accept a Vietnamese bike. I am going to try and get my bike into Laos and Cambodia. After that I will sell it, fly to Thailand and buy a new one. I may first fly to Malaysia where some friends live with a loaner Harley for the week.

Q: What type of bike are you riding and did you paint it purple yourself?

"My bike is a Honda Win 100cc. Over here a 150cc limit is put on bikes. The Win is their road bike or tour model. Everyone has one and there is a bike shop on every corner. They all have parts. In one month I put 2,400 km on it and I have had two clutches, a coil, and a electronic ignition module installed. I am glad I didn't get the bigger Russian 125 Minsk or something like that because even though it was cooler, a single breakdown would have put me out of commission for days or longer trying to get parts. I painted the Win myself (purple) and bought some decals that I cut in the scallop shaped and stuck them on my bike."

Q: As a former Marine, what was it like for you to hike Hamburger Hill?

"Hamburger Hill was very emotional; especially being a veteran and an American. I was a child when the war was going on but I remember it. I joined the Marines as soon as I could. I was 17 in 1981 when I went in but the war was long over."

This column will be posted with additional updates from Bean're and, in the meantime, he is doing an excellent job keeping everyone updated on his travels and he can be followed at these link:

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