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Motorcycle cops at Tiger Woods' Windermere home

X17 is reporting that the cops are on the premises at Tiger Wood's Windermere FL home:

Two cop cars and eight police motorcycles have just entered Tiger Woods' Isleworth gated community in Windermere, Florida, presumably to escort Elin out.

An X17 photographer on the scene tells us, "With Tiger off on his yacht, Elin's had enough. She's ready to take the kids and go back to Sweden. And with this many cops on bikes entering the community, we can only imagine they're preparing a motorcade for her to get herself and the kids to the airport quickly and safely."

 Interesting development in the continuing saga of self-destruction.    Another example that ultimate power and the almighty dollar, or huge amounts of them, continue to corrupt.  What do you think of the Tiger Woods debacle?  Leave me some comments below.

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  • Patty Davis 5 years ago

    I am willing to do some scientific research on whether money corrupts. Send me approximately $150 million and I will get back to you on whether it changes me in any way.

    Seriously. I think that Earl Woods kept Tiger grounded. When Tiger lost his dad, he lost his moral compass. He became, as an adult with a family, the wild teenager he never was when his dad was alive. He should have had more sense but alas money doesn't buy good sense.

  • Randy Storr 5 years ago

    We’ve seen this in the music industry, movies and other sports. It seems to happen to those that make more money then they can spend or maybe we only hear about it because they are rich and famous. Either way it’s sad to see it happen but it’s a problem I’m not likely to have.

  • Chili Pepper 5 years ago

    Typical..when people get so much money and fame, it makes them think they are "god" and invincible. Alas, they forget money can NOT buy everything or everyone. And sometimes the things or people you might really want or love are the ones you can't have...because they have too much self-respect and dignity to allow themselves to be treated in such a manner, not matter HOW much money you have. Good for Elin. Maybe this will be a wakeup call for Mr.Tiger..or not...either way, the trash he was "having fun" with in no way compares to what he's losing if he loses his wife and babies. Same story, which verse?

  • Tex 5 years ago

    Tiger Woods is a great golfer. I believe he just needs to evaluate his priorities.