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Motorama Expert Races Sunday February 16, 2014

Out of the 26 different classes Motorama host every year at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA only 5 of them are experts racing motorcycles. Those 5 races were the Dash-for-Cash, 2-Stroke A, 25+ A, 250 A and Open A. These classes showcased the fastest riders out of all 26 classes with many of the same riders making it into 3 different main events. This was a real treat for the Motorama fans because they got to watch the best of the best in 4 different races.

Courtney DeShong, The 30 second girl.
Glen C Hoffman

Sunday's program was similar to Saturday night's except opening ceremonies introduced Miss Motorama 2014 and swore in some new recruits into the US Air Force (one of Motorama's sponsors) instead of the remote control helicopter, RC truck and car demonstrations of the night before. These ceremonies started at 1:30 pm instead of 7:00 pm with the Dash-For-Cash starting the actual racing at 2:00 pm.

The Dash-For-Cash is a great way to start Motorama as it introduces the crowd to some of the A riders they'll see in several other main events throughout the afternoon. And after all the main goal for A riders at Motorama is to earn some cash.

The 2-stroke A class was the next A race on the schedule and allowed 125cc and 250cc 2-strokes to compete together in this unique race. Colton Harrison 740 from Lafayette, NY won on his KTM SX 250. It doesn't seem that long ago when there were a full gate of 125's and a full gate of 250's lining up in their own class with the 250cc machines being the premier class. Now it is mostly 4-stroke machines with the 450 class being the premier class.

The next A race was the 25+ class. This class was the 8th race on the schedule and saw 6 of the 9 riders entered in other A races with 2 of them doing a Motorama ironman by racing all 4 A main events. Those riders were Casey Clark 210 on a Yamaha 250 2-stroke and Tyler Kline 20 on a KTM 250 2-stroke. Is it a coincidence that these two riders were racing 2-strokes? Probably not because if you are still muscling a 2-stroke around an arenacross track you are an ironman no matter how many classes you enter. Now the super ironman award (if there was such a thing) has to go to Casey Clark. Casey not only raced the 4 Motorama sanctioned main events he raced the bonus race which started the whole afternoon program, the dash-for-cash where he won the $150.00 holeshot prize.

Next up was the 250 A race. This race was a fan favorite as it is every year with 15 of the fastest A riders of the entire weekend making it out of the 19 who entered. This was also the race that caused the most drama of the weekend. As lots of riders were trying to move toward the front with some aggressive block passing during the thick of the race a couple of riders had went down and the caution flags were waving when the leader double the next obstacle and the 2nd and 3rd placed riders didn't. This resulted in a penalty of 2 positions and handed the win as well as the prize money to the rider in second. This didn't sit well with the 3 riders involved so they had a long discussion with the promoter and agreed to give the prize money to the deserving riders as they came across the finish line but keep the results sheets posted as if the penalty was still in place.

The last A race of the day was the Open A class. This race also had 19 entrants which qualified 15 to the main event with many of them being the same riders from the 250 A main. However, that didn't mean it was a repeat of that race as the Open A saw 2 different riders in the top 5 and the only drama was a restart after a couple of riders failed to get up quick enough after going down in the first turn.

To see how these classes played out be sure to press play on the video at the beginning of this story.

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