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Motor vehicle recalls: Safety warnings on many vehicle types

For everyone who is fortunate enough to have purchased a vehicle you want one that is sized right for your family and needs as well as affordable to your budget. A lot of time and research go into making a decision on the purchase of a new vehicle. The last thing you want to hear about is problems with manufacturing. On the other hand learning about a particular problem with a vehicle that you own before something happens can save money as well as the lives of you, your family and others on the roads your travel.

Recalls on vehicles pose risk for crashes and more

Currently the 2014 Acura MDX SUV is being recalled for loose bolts. The Talladega County auto assembly plant has issued a voluntary safety recall. There were 19.197 of these vehicles manufactured between May 6 and Oct. 14. Dealerships and owners are being notified by Honda about this recall. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety AdministrationNHTSA the recall and defects manufacturers announcement on Jan. 6 has been updated with quite a few vehicle types that are being investigated and consumers are urged to have fixed as soon as possible.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recall list!

Other vehicle recalls that have been recently reported in the newspaper this past week are as follows:

Chrysler is recalling over 4,000 Chrysler 300 Dodge Chargers and Dodge Ram 1500’s with a model year of 2013 due to transmission output shaft fractures. This fracture can result in loss of power and increases the chance of crashes.

Toyota has 3,800 Tacoma pickups from 2013 and 2014 that are being recalled due to valve springs that are part of the engine assembly. This is also dangerous and can increase the possibility of crashes if the spring breaks which can happen over time.

BMW is recalling more than 76,000 vehicles. All BMW vehicles vary from models and years for a possible flaw in the front passenger seat system that contains the airbag. This flaw can lead to a system failure where cracks are present in the assembly if a crash occurs and the airbag should deploy.

Volkswagen is recalling over 62,000 Tiguan vehicles with model years ranging from 2009 to 2011. This recall is due to the holder for the fuse that controls the exterior lights. With this defect the light circuit can melt, reduce illumination and increase the potential for a crash.

If your vehicle is on this or the National Highway listing get you vehicle to an authorized dealership as soon as possible.

If you are unsure about your vehicle you can always check online at to see if there are any recalls about your specific vehicle. All you have to do is type in your vehicles year, make and model. The system will direct you easily to identify if there is something to be concerned about.

Drive safely!

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