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Motor-oil soaked dog abandoned outside of Texas animal shelter

San Antonio Humane Society

On August 19, the San Antonio, Texas, Humane Society issued a press release about the discovery of a dog, who had been doused in motor oil, outside of their facility.

The two-year-old Airedale terrier mix, dubbed "Diego," had been tied to a pole in front of the animal shelter. The SAHS described the employees' first encounter with the young dog:

As our staff inched closer to this helpless boy, they noticed that he was completely
covered in motor oil. When greeted, Diego, stood right up with his tail wagging and was ready to enter the SAHS.

Diego was quickly moved inside and treated to a spa-like makeover. As the staff worked to clean the oil from Diego's fur, they realized that he was suffering from Sarcoptic Mange; the discovery helped to explain the oil on Diego's body.

Diego was likely doused in motor oil because of his prior owner's misguided attempt to eliminate his mange. Unfortunately, the motor oil "remedy" is nothing more than an old wive's tale about how to cure dogs from mange. Not only is it ineffective, but the oil is highly irritating to dogs' skin.

Diego is fortunate - he was taken in by an agency who was ready and willing to help him overcome his medical issues. Shortly after he was discovered, he was placed in a foster home and he is being treated for the mange which caused him so much discomfort.

Follow the San Antonio Humane Society on Facebook at this link. Donations for veterinary care can be made at this link.

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