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‘Motor City Masters’ shouts ‘NASCAR: Start Your Engines!’ on Tru-TV

Tonight’s episode of “Motor City Masters,” is titled “NASCAR: Start Your Engines!” It is the competition show on Tru-TV hosted by Brooke Burns and sponsored by Chevrolet and Tru-TV. Starting with ten designers aspiring to be the next top automotive designer. With the team down to five designers, this week they were treated to a surprise visit to NASCAR track Fontana Speedway and spent the day with driver A.J. Allmendinger, who drives Chevy car #47. He tells them to check out the cars, look inside and outside for inspiration. Nothing inspires the designers more than loud engines inside hot cars.

Back at the design studio, the individual challenge was given as they looked at a NASCAR designed Chevrolet SS. Their challenge is to use graphic-design software to create a hot racing car of tomorrow. The judges will be waiting to see what futuristic designs they can create for the future of NASCAR. The judges question them about their creations. Darby won the challenge, and Camilo was her runner-up.

The challenge is to take the Chevy SS and transform it into something that will have the pole position on a NASCAR track. They will have to create a bold color scheme and the best graphics. Jean will be looking for big, bright, bold and exceptional placement of the sponsored decals. Harald wants them to be creative in choosing a number and color of the car. Darby chose Shane; Camilo chose Bryan, and Jameson was taken by Darby, although she had the choice to take him or send him to Camilo. This is the first time that Darby and Camilo were separated.

The technical team was taking care of the shape of the cars, so the competitors had to do the design for the paint and the graphics. As usual, Jameson is annoyed because his suggestions fell on deaf ears. When time was up, they had to await their fate. Brooke announced the guest judge, Robby Gordon, who knows NASCAR inside out, and took many victory laps during his career. He knows how important those graphics can be, because without funding, there would be no NASCAR.

As each team presented their cars, the judges questioned their motives. When they were sent back to the lounge, the judges deliberated. Camilo’s team won, leaving Darby, Shane and Jameson to face elimination. Shane was safe, and sent back to the lounge, leaving Darby and Jameson. When the judges decided, it was Jameson who was eliminated on this episode of “Motor City Masters.”

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