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‘Motor City Masters’ make ‘New Model Transformers’ on Tru-TV

On this week’s “Motor City Masters,” the new competition show on Tru-TV hosted by Brooke Burns. Last week the first competitor, Dewan left the competition.

The competition between two teams of car designers, will send another designer home as they search for the next great designer from the team of Chevrolet and Tru-TV.

This week, the teams were brought to the design studio to find two cars; Bumble Bee and Cross Hairs, two cars used in the new movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction.

For the individual challenge, each member of the teams had two hours to show what they are all about by designing an image that represents who they are. After seeing the badges represented by the Autobots and the bad Decepticons. The two top badges will be judged by their originality and design and become the head of their team, and the winner will be safe from this week’s elimination.

The two leaders were Camilo and Bryan. Bryan won the first place and is immune this week from elimination. This week they had a Chevy Sonic, and their challenge was to create a car using the concept of Transformers and an illustration of what it will look like as a robot.

Bryan had first choice of his teammates and chose; Darby, Shane, Troy and Joann. Camilo chose; Kevin, Doc and Jameson. They had three days to convert their Sonic into an Autobot.

Camilo’s team chose to call their Autobot the Sonic Boom, but Jameson wanted to concentrate on the front which is the personality of a Transformer. Camilo chose to devote too much time to the back of the car causing a rift between them.

On Bryan’s team, Joann did not want to decide on the color, because Bryan had immunity, and she nearly got sent home last week. Troy and Bryan were at odds because Bryan felt that he should make every decision, even out of his realm.

When it was time to judge the two cars, the guest judge, chosen by Michael Bay, was the Transformers lead mechanic, Trevor Mann, along with Harald Belker and Jean Jennings. Camilo introduced his car first, the Sonic Boom, a pint-sized hero with an atomic punch. Bryan called theirs Boomerang, a spy who comes out in the day, collects information and returns at night as a sniper.

After the judges conferred, they chose Camilo’s team as the winner. Now someone has to go home from Bryan’s team. Bryan took responsibility for the design of the back of the car; Joann chose the blue color, but it was not a spy color. Bryan, when asked who the weakest person on his team was; chose Troy, who would not commit to any part of the car. Bryan, Darby and Shane were safe. Joann was safe, and Troy was sent home for not being a team player on this episode of “Motor City Masters.”

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