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‘Motor City Masters’ find ‘The Mother of All Design Challenges’ on Tru-TV

On last night’s “Motor City Masters,” the competition show on Tru-TV hosted by Brooke Burns, is searching for the next top automotive designer in this episode titled, “The Mother of All Design Challenges.” Last week, nobody was sent home in a tight race, so the six competitors will battle it out again.

The competition between two teams of car designers, will send another designer home as they search for the next great designer from the team of Chevrolet and Tru-TV. However, the individual challenge was first, to find the two team leaders who will compete and choose their teams.

For the individual challenge, they were taken to a lighthouse where they were told to re-invent the wheel. They were to create a new type of steering wheel that will be installed on a golf cart, and the two winners will head their teams in the next challenge, but immunity is off the table, and anyone could go home in the team challenge.

Jean and Harald were the testers for the steering wheels and chose the winners as Darby and Shane, with Shane as the overall winner. He got to choose first in the team challenge.

In the workshop, a Chevy Traverse was their challenge for an interior design that a modern mother needs for her everyday travels. Shane chose Bryan and Chunner, and Darby got Camilo and Jameson. When the tech team came in, they chopped off the roof of both cars. Two mothers were on hand to assist the teams with what they needed in their cars. Jameson felt completely left out, as Darby and Camilo never asked his opinion on any design. On the other team, Chunner is not thrilled with Shane’s leadership qualities.

As they continue their challenge, Jean and Harald quiz them on decisions being made. Jameson was against the white interior, as Jean advised them not to go with white as well. Against better wishes, Darby and Camilo stuck with the white interior for a car driving kids around.

When time was up, Brooke introduced this week’s guest judge, Melissa Joan Hart, who has three boys of her own. Wonder if she likes the white interior? Darby presented their first, with a Lear-jet type of interior and ability for mom to be in control and keep her kids busy at the same time.

Shane’s concept had gutted the interior and started from scratch, installing seats and giving mom a seat that she could turn around and see her kids, hopefully not while driving, but the seats were very low, not allowing the kids to see out of the windows. When the winner was announced, it was Darby’s team who won. Now Shane, Bryan and Chunner are vulnerable. Because Bryan was in charge of the front seat design, he was safe from the elimination. After deliberating, the judges sent Chunner home on this episode of “Motor City Masters.”

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