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‘Motor City Masters’ compete in ‘The Hot Wheels Challenge’ on Tru-TV

On tonight’s “Motor City Masters,” the competition show on Tru-TV hosted by Brooke Burns, is searching for the next top automotive designer. Last week, the third competitor, Joann left the competition leaving seven left to battle it out.

The competition between two teams of car designers, will send another designer home as they search for the next great designer from the team of Chevrolet and Tru-TV. But first, the individual challenge to find the two team leaders who will compete and choose their teams.

To get started, the group was brought to the design studio where they found tricked-out Hot Wheels cars. For their individual challenge, they had two hours to use PVC plastic sheets to create a spoiler worthy of a Hot Wheels car. They must design, create, and paint the spoiler and the two best will be team leaders for their group, and the overall winner will be safe from elimination.

As the challenge came to an end, the designers had to defend their creation. Doc’s did not resemble a spoiler, Camilo did well, Jameson’s was great for a Hot Wheel’s car, but not a real car. Shane’s was a combination of Hot Wheels meets NASA. The two winners were Jameson and Shane, with the winner Shane.

For the team challenge, they had to use a Chevy Impala to create a Hot Wheels car, and push the envelope more than they ever did. To inspire the teams, Felix Holst was brought in; the Hot Wheels VP of Design, who will also be the third judge. He told them it is all about flamboyance, and the winning design will be made into a Hot Wheels car.

When the leaders were done choosing their team, Jameson could not wait to lead his team, while Shane was still his introverted and quiet self. Jameson continued to put Camilo’s suggestions down. He did not want a Camilo design and the team continued to butt heads.

When Jean and Harald came around to see the semi-completed designs, she noticed that Shane was not leading his team and spoke to Darby to step up, because it did not look at all like a Hot Wheels car.

When Darby suggested doing a different paint job, and started using the tape to highlight it, the other team saw what was happening and copied their ideas.

When the cars were presented, Jameson called his Exaggerate and Accelerate, Shane’s was called the Instigator. When the winner was decided, Shane’s team was the winner, and Jameson, Doc and Camilo were up for elimination. Camilo was safe, and in the end, Doc Sab was sent home on this episode of “Motor City Masters.”

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