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‘Motor City Masters’ compete in ‘Fandemonium’ on Tru-TV

On last night’s “Motor City Masters,” the competition show on Tru-TV hosted by Brooke Burns, is searching for the next top automotive designer. Last week, the fourth competitor, Doc Sab left the competition leaving six competitors to battle it out.

The competition between two teams of car designers, will send another designer home as they search for the next great designer from the team of Chevrolet and Tru-TV. However, the individual challenge was first, to find the two team leaders who will compete and choose their teams.

For the individual challenge, they came upon an assortment of sporting goods. Brooke announced that they must use one item and using the design of the item they chose, design a “sports car” that evokes that item. By a random draw, they had to choose an item. Darby was bummed out because she had last pick and got what was left; a golf club.

With only one hour to draw their design, they scurried to complete their task and in the end, Chunner and Bryan were the top two. The overall winner was Chunner aka Kevin, who chose his team first.

For the team challenge, they went into the shop and spotted a Chevy Suburban. For the next three days, they will turn a Suburban into the total sports fan experience. Chunner was safe from elimination and chose Camilo, Bryan chose Shane. Darby went to Chunner and Jameson, who Chunner did not want, went to Bryan’s team. Shane was not happy to have Jameson on his team, and felt that he was annoying and the least talented of the remaining designers.

The next day, Bryan was disappointed because the techs did not complete the work they expected, in fact, they told the team, it could not be done to their specifications. Now they are back to square one, and the guys continue to lock horns with the techs. Before they knew it, time was up.

Brooke announced the guest judge; three-time All Star, two-time World Series champion and an accomplished sports broadcaster, David Justice. He is looking for the wow factor, and a vehicle that everyone notices.

When the red Suburban from Bryan’s team came in, it pretty much looked like every other Suburban on the road. Bryan described his team’s vehicle as the Chevy Suburban GO, that stands for Game On. It is the ultimate gaming room on wheels. It had a multi-screen television that popped up; the running boards were snowboards, with stadium seating made from skateboards and a table that rolled out to sit around with friends.

Chunner’s team presented their green and white Suburban GTX (Game-Time Experience), the ultimate game-time vehicle, made to dominate every single stadium parking lot, anytime anywhere. There were goal-line markers on the outside of the car, televisions popped up; a chained goal marker was moved back to expose an awning. In the back was a bar with sporting equipment as the taps.

The teams were sent to the lounge while the judges thoroughly checked out the vehicles. When they returned, Jean announced that they had a problem. There was a tie, but she announced that they could not decide a winner and no team would win or lose, and nobody would go home this week. Chunner was pissed, because he had immunity, and feels that it was for naught on this episode of “Motor City Masters.”

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