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‘Motor City Masters’ begins ‘The Finale Part 2: The First Motor City Master’

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Photo courtesy of Tru-TV used with permission

Last night’s episode of “Motor City Masters,” was titled “The Finale Part 2: The First Motor City Master.” It is the competition show on Tru-TV hosted by Brooke Burns and sponsored by Chevrolet and Tru-TV. They started with ten designers aspiring to be the next top automotive designer, now down to the final two, Bryan and Camilo; they will be taking their clay replicas and making the future Camaro.

Once they have created their design, they will be pitching it to none other than, Edward T. Welburn Jr., GM Vice President of Global Design, in Detroit. He is excited to see who will come through with the best design. Harald and Jean gave the guys some hints about how they should redesign their cars. Brooke also told them they would be working again with their helpers who assisted them in making the clay models; Camilo had Chunner and Bryan had Doc Sab, but before long, the tension between Bryan and Doc escalated and Bryan finally threw Doc off his team.

When the cars were ready for their paint jobs, Bryan stuck with the orange, but Camilo chose to change from yellow to a beautiful metallic blue. As the last hour is winding down, before the cars are loaded onto a truck to go to Detroit, the guys scurry to finish pin-striping and putting the final touches on their cars, they are physically and emotionally drained.

When Ed Welburn was introduced, the guys were ready to unveil their cars. Bryan was firs describing his orange Camaro Z-28. Camilo described his beautiful blue Z-28 muscle car.

After the judges deliberated, they had a few questions for the two finalists. When the winner was finally announced it was Camilo, who was declared the “First Motor City Master.” He proudly will drive away in his brand new 2014 red Camaro Z-28 and add $100,000 to his bank account on this season finale episode of “Motor City Masters.”

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