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‘Motor City Masters’ begins ‘The Finale Part 1 The Road to Detroit’

Darby & Camilo at NASCAR
Darby & Camilo at NASCAR
Photo courtesy of Tru-TV used with permission

Tonight’s episode of “Motor City Masters,” is titled “The Finale Part 1: The Road to Detroit.” It is the competition show on Tru-TV hosted by Brooke Burns and sponsored by Chevrolet and Tru-TV. They started with ten designers aspiring to be the next top automotive designer. With the team down to three designers, this week they were presented with their challenge by Edward T. Welburn Jr., GM Vice President of Global Design.

As the three finalists are in a vehicle, they come to a race track where they see a Camaro Z-28 racing around the track. Each got a turn to drive it, and one will win it.

For their challenge, each will make a clay model in three days of the future of the Camaro. They were surprised that three former competitors were given to them to choose. Based on the individual challenges they won, they chose in order of Darby, who chose Shane, Camilo, who took Chunner and Bryan was left with Doc. They also were given two each from the clay model teams that will work on their concept during the night.

Darby had a difficult time coming up with a concept. Bryan and Doc were at odds, and Bryan was not happy with his bullying tactics. The judges were not pleased with Camilo’s concept. They must be positive that the car screams Camaro. As they were completing the last details, time was up.

When they arrived back in the showroom, Brooke introduced Pete Wentz, the bassist and lyricist for Fall Out Boy, who is a big sports car fanatic. They each were happy to present their concept car. Camilo was first; Darby was second and Bryan was last. When they presented their cars, each had positive and negative comments about their concepts. When they were sent out of the room, the judges conferred. One would not make it back; Camilo was safe, leaving Bryan and Darby to squirm. Jean announced the second finalist was Bryan. He was sad that Darby did not win and stated that he could not take this away from her. However, Jean reminded him that he did not win yet on this episode of “Motor City Masters.”