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Motor City Jazz Club and Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers allbreed cat show

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On Saturday, July 26, 2014, the Motor City Jazz Club and Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers cat clubs held their second combined Cat Fanciers Association allbreed show. The show featured more than 130 cats and kittens representing 29 different breeds. Breeds represented included Persians (29 entries), Maine Coons (16 entries), Oriental Shorthairs (13 entries) and Siamese (10 entries), but show visitors also saw Birmans (13 entries), Ragdolls (6 entries), Exotics (3 entries), Cornish Rexes (7 entries), Russian Blues (3 entries), American Shorthairs (7 entries), and many more. Two household pets were also registered to appear at the show for judging. They competed in the following divisions: Non-Championship Longhair Kittens, Non-Championship Shorthair Kittens, Championship Longhair Adults, Championship Shorthair Adults, Premiership Longhair Alters, and Premiership Shorthair Alters. See the attached slide show for pictures of some of the different cats waiting for judging at the show.

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By attending cat shows, people do more than simply see beautiful animals. According to the show catalogue the Cat Fanciers Association supports the welfare of all cats through its affiliation with the Winn Feline Foundation, which supports research into all aspects of feline veterinary medicine. The Winn Foundation also disseminates information about feline health through the CFA, benefitting veterinarians, animal welfare and rescue organizations, and individual cat owners alike.

The CFA also sponsors a Youth Feline Education Program. It offers young people an introduction to the cat fancy, but it also offers the opportunity to learning about animal therapy by giving them the chance to take a therapy cat to hospital units and nursing homes.

The next CFA cat show in the metro Detroit area will be held on August 16, 2014, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Taylor Sportsplex, 13333 Telegraph Road, in Taylor, Michigan. Admission is $6 for adults, $5 for seniors, and $4 for students. Children under age 12 will be admitted free.