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Motocross racers start at age 4

As spring brings new life and warmer temperatures to central Pennsylvania to begin a new season of local racing there were a group of young racers that started 2014 by racing in February at Motorama inside the Harrisburg Farm Show Complex.

Jaden Palmer after Motorama Sunday's main event win.
Glen C Hoffman

Every new season brings new excitement but there is never quite the same enthusiasm for anything new like what a small child displays when he or she discovers something new. This is especially true when you have a gate full of young 4 to 6 year old racers lining up for a main event at the biggest amateur indoor event of the year.

The 50cc 4-6 class is always extremely exciting for the kids racing, very exciting and a lot nerve racking for the kid's parents but not usually real exciting for the random fans that come to see the fastest experts rip around the Motorama arenacross track. However, the 50cc 4-6 class on Motorama Sunday proved to be one of the best races of the weekend.

There was an intense battle for the main event win between a kid from Red Lion, PA on the 464 KTM by the name of Kyle Born and a kid from Hammonton, NJ also on KTM. His name was Jaden Palmer with 804 displayed proudly on his 50cc race bike. The race started cleanly with the 464 of Kyle Born grabbing the holeshot and Jaden Palmer following close behind. It wasn't until lap 4 when the only way Jaden could get around Kyle was to push his way past with a bump-and-run technique usually only used in professional racing. This was a move to the lead on the very last lap of the main event so most saw it as only slightly dirty but definitely necessary when going for a win. However it really fire up the 464 of Kyle Born on that final lap. He was determined to take that position back even though it seemed hardly likely. Surprisingly Kyle was given a chance to take the win when a lapped rider briefly held up the 804 of Jaden Palmer in the final corner. This allowed Kyle back on the inside to make the last 40 feet of the race a sheer drag race across the finish line. Unfortunately for Kyle he came a few inches short of taking the win.

To watch the entire battle between these two young and promising racers be sure to press play on the video accompanying this article.

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